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Ethics Points

Our Commitment

BFD is committed to preventing, detecting, and correcting fraud, misappropriations, discrimination, sexual harassment, exploitation and abuse, support of terrorism, and other wrongful conduct.

We want to know if you suspect, or have observed or experienced, wrongful conduct. The earlier we find out that something is going wrong in our organization, the sooner we can do something about it. We encourage you to share any concerns that you may have.

Any BFD employee or volunteer, vendor, project participant, or other outside party, may use this service to report wrongful conduct.

All reports of wrongful conduct will be taken seriously, and an investigation will be conducted.

Reports may be submitted anonymously and will be kept confidential to the greatest extent possible, consistent with the need to conduct an adequate investigation.

We will treat disclosures of wrongful conduct seriously and protect those who raise concerns in good faith. No employee will suffer harassment or retaliation.

On this site, you may report a concern online. You may also follow up on a report.

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If you want BFD to know your identity, please complete the following:

Full Name

Report - Conflict of Interest

*Please identify the person(s) engaged in this behavior: Example: #1 Name: Ali Hiba, #1 Title: Director of Internal Audit #2 Name: Unknown, Unknown, #2 Title: My Supervisor

Any persons mentioned here will be restricted by BFD ethics line from access to this reported information.

Example: Ali Naser, Director of Internal Audit

This should be a general description only; you will be asked for specifics later.

We recognize that this incident may not have occurred in a particular location. However, if this incident was observed in some documentation or business transactions, please indicate this accordingly.

Examples: Tuesday, May 3, 2002 Two weeks ago Approximately a month ago

Examples: Two weeks Don't know

Please identify by name and title.

Examples: Ignored it Changed documents Said it was not a problem Said they would look into it

Please identify by name and title.

Please take your time and provide as much detail as possible, but exercise care to not provide details that may reveal your identity unless you wish to do so. It may be important to know if you are the only person aware of this situation.